Noche Linda Farms

How We Got Started?

We moved to Kentucky in 1994 and loved it immediately. Although neither of us grew up farming, my wife and I were motivated and enthusiastic. We have raised our son on the farm, something he has grown to appreciate. He will be starting medical school in 2022 and has asked us to never sell the farm.

In 1996 we purchased our first black Angus heifers from a 100-year-old herd in Clark County. We grew the herd from there, keeping only the best and adding to our herd. About 7 years ago, we began adding Hereford bulls to the herd. The black-white faced offspring produced in the cross breeding have developed into exceptional livestock and improved our genetic pool. Painstaking attention is given to every element of the farm, from infrastructure and logistics, to confirmation and nutrition.

 We now breed 150 cows each year and have received noteworthy recognition from Neogen, an international food safety and genetics testing company, for the quality of our herd. Our herd is also well known locally.

At Noche Linda Farms, our goal is to improve our herd and products with every decision made, no matter how small or large.

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