The Noche Linda Farms Difference

What Makes Us Different?

Legendary Coach “Bear” Bryant once said, “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken s—t! The same goes for a great steak or burger. If the cattle used lack the physical traits regarding things like ribeye size, marbling, and tenderness, they simply won’t be as good as cattle with these traits.

People often get worried when you use the word genetics and food together. At our farm, our genetic engineering is done the old-fashioned way. We improve the genetics of our herd by retaining those females that we think have outstanding temperament and physical qualities we desire.

We buy high quality bulls that add to the characteristics we are seeking by researching genetic characteristics, using EPD’s (expected prodigy differences); constantly striving to improve those characteristics important to flavor and tenderness.

Neogen, an international food safety and testing company, has recognized our herd as one of the top commercial herds in the United States. (letter from Neogen pictured)

Noche Linda Farms Neogen Recognition Letter

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