Elite Bred Heifers for Sale

Coming Fall 2023!
Offering approximately 48 home-bred and raised Angus and Angus/Hereford cross commercial heifers due to calve February and March 2024.

For sale by private treaty and consignment in local bred heifer sale. Call 859-707-7004 for more information.

Top Dollar Angus

All heifers offered come with complete genomics profiles provided by Neogen’s Igenity Profile. The Igenity Profile compares and ranks our heifers against those in the Neogen database. The Neogen database contains genetic data from more than 1 million animals from top U.S. producers. Neogen’s Igenity compares our heifers to “the best of the best!” We also shared our data with Top Dollar Angus to evaluate our heifers within their program.

July 23, 2023 Latest Video of Our Heifers

How could genetics testing help me?


Every cow calf operator can tell a story about a heifer that just did not work out. You bought a heifer with little or no information about what you were getting, and unfortunately, a year or two later she had to go down the road, with a little extra of your money. Looks alone can be deceiving!


By partnering with Neogen and Top Dollar Angus, Noche Linda Farms offers buyers an opportunity to buy home-grown commercial heifers with verified genetics.


Using a tissue sample from each heifer, Igenity analyzes 7 maternal traits and 10 production traits that are grouped, averaged, and compared to Neogen’s data base with more than 1 million entries. Based on the average score, Neogen ranks our heifers as Elite, Premier, or Choice. That sample data is also analyzed by Top Dollar Angus, the beef industry’s leading genetic verification and marketing assistance company for commercial feeder cattle.

How do I use this information?


Buyers need only know what their herd goals are.


If you want to retain heifers for your herd, then our Elite & Premier Maternal Heifers will be a great addition. You will be not only adding proven genetics, but you will be adding to your herd’s existing gene pool.


If you sell 100% of your calves each year as feeders, then our Elite & Premier Terminal Heifers that are also certified Premiere Maternal, will, over time increase your pounds and provide you with reliable cows.


If you are looking for the best of both worlds, we offer several heifers that are both Elite Maternal & Elite Terminal, representing the top 7% of all commercial heifers. These are special heifers that are bound to improve your herd.


When you see something that pleases your eye, you can buy with confidence.

What does Noche Linda Farms have for sale this year?

In 2023, we bred 48 homegrown heifers born in the spring of 2022. Here is what we have: 

  • 46 (or 96%) are pregnant with a February or March 2024 calf.
  • 32 of the 46 grade Maternal Elite
  • 25 of the 46 grade Terminal Elite
  • 21 of the 46 (or 45%) grade BOTH Maternal Elite & Terminal Elite
  • 33 of the 46 qualify as Top Dollar Angus heifers
  • 100% of the sires used on these heifers qualify as Top Dollar Angus sires
  • 24 of the 46 are confirmed to be homozygous black, meaning all their calves will be black regardless of the color of any sire used (smokes qualify as black)
  • the average pelvic measurements for these heifers are 196
  • the average weight of these heifers as of September 5, 2023 was 1,031 lbs.
  • 23 solid black, 20 black baldies (BWF), 3 rednecks (RWF)
  • each heifer has a number freeze branded on the left hip to help with identification should the ear tags fall out
  • complete lifetime vaccination records including brucellosis
  • our heifers are hand fed daily from weaning until breeding to insure they are comfortable around people


2021 Heifer Video


See what Neogen had to say about Noche Linda Farms heifers.

21 Heifers BOTH, Maternal Elite & Terminal Elite

8 Heifers, Maternal Elite & Terminal Premiere

8 Heifers, Maternal Elite, Terminal Premier

4 Heifers, Maternal Premiere & Terminal Elite

4 Heifers, Maternal Premier, Terminal Elite

2 Heifers, Maternal Elite

2 Heifers, Maternal Elite

Our Premiere Heifers

Premier Heifers

When were these heifers born?

19 heifers born in January 2022; 22 heifers born in February 2022; 7 heifers born in March 2022.

What is the vaccination history of these heifers since birth?

April 2022

ViraShield 6 L5 SN D004666D Expired October 31, 2022

Vision 7 Somnus with Spur SN 0960A056A Expired December 15, 2022



September 2022

Cattlemaster Gold FP5 SN 529411B/534006A Lot 563370 Expired Feb. 21, 2023

Vision 7 Somnus with Spur SN 0960A064 Expired October 15, 2023

Ivermectin De-Wormer


November 2022

Brucellosis Vaccine RB51 SN 3458 Expired August 27, 2024 (Tatto RV2)

(ID numbers 840003237664201-840003237664248)


Bovishield Gold FP 5L5 SN 551473/533988 Lot 578205 Expired April 25, 2023

Bovishield Gold FP 5L5 SN 530082/533500B Lot 581758 Expired April 4, 2023

Mannheimia Haemolytica-Pasturella Multocia Bacterin SN 977B Exp. Aug.26, ‘24

Ivermectin De-Wormer


Future – Approximately September 2023 all bred heifers will receive:

  • Bovi-Shield Gold FP 5L5 HB
  • Bovine Pili-Shield to inoculate unborn calves for scours
  • Ivermectin De-Wormer

Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) Inspection.

At the time these heifers’ pregnancy checked (September 2023) and prior to sale or consignment, all heifers will be inspected by a KDA representative. This inspection may disqualify any heifers with eye scars, rat tails, wild or bad tempers, and general suitability.

Angus low birthweight sires.

All heifers offered are guaranteed bred to high quality Angus bulls. In choosing a sire for a heifer, we strive to find registered bulls that are in the top 20% of the breed in calving ease, weaning weight, yearling weight, foot soundness, as well as carcass quality. Coupled with our large percentage of Neogen Elite and Premiere heifers, buyers can feel confident that adding our heifers will improve their herd.

Warranties and Representations.

  • All heifers are sold with current health certificates by a licensed veterinarian.
  • All heifers come with complete Igenity Brand Profile results, color coat analysis, and BVD negative test results.
  • All heifers meet or exceed MARC standards for pelvic measurement of 160 centimeters prior to breeding. Historically our heifers will average more than 1,000 lbs. 60 to 90 days prior to calving.
  • All heifers are guaranteed to be bred for 60 days after purchase. Buyers are encouraged to have a licensed veterinarian re-check any suspicious heifers. Reimbursement of $5 per head will be paid to any buyers of our heifers.


At Noche Linda Farms, docility and temperament are a primary focus of our herd development.

Quiet and easy handling cattle require less labor to manage, gain weight more efficiently, and reduce complications and costs!

  • Beginning at birth, we observe all our calves twice a day, every day, up close, to see how they are developing and to insure they are healthy. From day one, our calves are around people regularly.
  • At weaning, if any heifer shows signs of bad behavior, she is culled. Period!
  • From the first day of weaning, until breeding, our heifers are hand fed daily so they can become confident around people.

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